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How to Practice Math in the Summer

Research has shown math is the area most likely in which students are most likely to regress in over the summer. How can you prevent this from happening? I have a whole bunch of suggestions that you can implement, at least a few times a week this summer and none are that hard to do.

 Things your child can do:

Work on pages that are skipped or incomplete in their math books

 Continue math fact practice with, flash cards, during commerical breaks,  or verbal practice while driving in the car. Third grade teachers look for students to have mastered addition facts up to 10 + 10 and subtraction facts within 20 by the fall. Therefore, kids should practice addition and subtraction!

 Look for fun apps that help kids practice math.
Some examples are:
Sushi Monster
Dreambox (a few kids may already have accounts - I would have sent home a letter in the winter if so)
Splash Math
Kids Math
Marble Math
Junior Peter Pig's Money Math Counter

 Go to the Museum of Science. Of course i…
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Math Fact Fluency Resources

Sharing some resources and ideas for math fact practice! The CCSS for math fact fluency is that second graders will be fluent (adept and quick) with addition and subtraction facts up to 20). This will enable them to be ready for solving multi digit addition and subtraction, word problems, and multiplication in third grade. 
Earlier in the year I sent home information for  but I just sent it home again on Friday. This is a powerful way to practice math facts for about 10-15 minutes a day. They also have an app but the website is free. 
Students can also use tradition flash cards. Websites like have printable and free flash cards. You can also get them at places like Dollar Tree, Staples and Amazon. 
Verbal practice is good and you can give your child quick facts while driving in the car, during TV commercials, while waiting for the bus etc. 
Let me know if you have any ongoing questions!

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is approaching! Can you believe it? In a few days, you may be hearing from our room parents about a few supplies for a party, but I want you to know about our card exchange. We will be exchanging Valentine’s cards. Students may give out cards, but they must give every other child in the class a card (there are 20 students). Of course children may opt to not bring in Valentines for anyone and that is fine. Many children like to make and bring in a special Valentine’s box or bag. That is super; please have your child bring that and their Valentines to school on February 14th and not in advance.
Please note, the town of Littleton has a  Wellness policy in place which includes Shaker Lane and that does mean that candy may not be attached to valentines. Students may give each other a paper valentine and are welcome, if they feel they need to do more than that, (which they certainly do not have to) find something fun to attach like a Valentine's eraser or pencil.

I hope …

A New, Standards-Based Report Card

It is almost time for reportcards to come out. Therefore, it's almost conference time. If you haven't done so yet, to sign up for a conference, please use this conference sign up link. If you are having trouble accessing the link or adding your name to a time slot, please let me know.

I am excited to meet together and share information about your child's work habits, academic progress and other topics.  In an effort to keep our conferences on task and squeeze in as much  as possible in our short time together, I'd like to take a moment to comment on our new reportcard system now, so that we can focus on your child in the conference.
An email went out recently from Mrs. Kane & Ms. Deacon about our new Standards Based ReportCard (SBRC). Hopefully you have had a minute to look it over and let me know if you have questions.
For parents in other school districts, when introducing a new SBRC, the biggest shock to parents when seeing the first reportcard of the year was th…

Standards Based Report Cards

This December, you will receive a Standards-Based Report Card. It will be a big change if you have only had experience with traditional report cards. I wanted to share more information with you as we get ready to transition.

 Here is a quick explanation from Chelmsford Public Schools, and I have attached links to several second grade SBRC's. Ours will be a little different, but you will find these to have a lot of similarities. The biggest change for parents may be that students are working on year end standards, so most students will not be proficient in most standards until June. Remember, the goal is for students to meet the standards at the end of second grade.

 What is a Standards-Based Report Card? "The purpose of a report card is to clearly, and objectively communicate how a child is doing in school. A standards-based report card (SBRC) tells specifically how a child is performing based on each standard listed and it indicates what areas may need additional attenti…

Fidget Rules

Hi there! Some students have been bringing "fidgets" to school such as thinking putty and squishy foam toys that may help them concentrate. I have found that they have become more like toys and are distracting students Therefore, we instituted some fidget rules which I have shown below.

We also have a box here of sensory and fidget tools that we can use. If fidgets from home remain a distraction, I may email and let you no students will only use our school sensory toolbox. Thanks!

Open House Presentation

If you missed the open house, here are some images and information found in the Power Point I shared!